I was recently told, at lunch by my server, that if San Francisco and New York City had a baby, Chicago would be that child. I’m not sure if I agree, since I’ve not been to NYC yet, but I understand his reference. Chicago is the best of two worlds. It is the perfect blend of west coast and east coast. It is so easy to get around this city.

We got in late to the city from the train and headed to check in at the hostel. It was a great location. We dropped off the bags and went to the game. Arriving half way through the game, we hurried to grab some food and make it to our seats. I had a delicious veggie dog and a Bar Fly IPA. The weather was perfect for enjoying a night of baseball. After the game we stayed for the fireworks. It was a great night of entertainment.

The next day I went to explore the rest of the city. We had lunch at a tasty Mexican joint. Then coffee around the corner near Printers Row–a cute neighborhood. I then wandered, the best way to see a place. That evening we were boarding the train again, so groceries were purchased and dinner was planned. Pizza in Chicago is always a good idea.


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