By far our shortest time in a place is here in Boston. Sad too because no one has been here before. I immediately start to fall in love with this area. The train ride north from DC was a relaxed, quick trip. The scenery was distracting; I gazed out the window the entire time.
We get in and the weather is not as hot as it has been. At the hostel we had some issues checking in, but it is resolved somewhat quickly. Each floor of the building is decorated to match each subway line. We stayed on the green line. With our short stay we head out immediately. Grab a coffee at Thinking Cup right next to Boston Common. After coffee we go across the street to the park and have ice cream from a Ben & Jerry’s truck. By now we’re ready to go check out Cambridge, so we hop on the “T” to take us to Central Square. We dine at a veggie diner, which was a great place to relax over a beer and diner food. After dinner we walk up to Harvard Square and check out the school. It’s dark by now so we don’t get to explore too much. We do find the Harvard Book Store and I purchase another Notaro for my collection. After roaming around downtown a bit more we head back to get some sleep before our early departure to NYC!

I loved Boston immediately. I will make a trip back and stay a few days so I can experience all it has to offer. If you ever have the chance to go–just do it!




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