New Orleans

I have been lucky enough to visit this city twice now. The first time was back in college on a road trip and it was the year before Katrina. I’ve always wanted to return so this leg of the train trip I was greatly looking forward to.

As we are getting closer to our destination, the rain starts to fall. On this trip we have been blessed with decent weather. I was a bit bummed that Nola was going to be spoiled by the weather. By the time we arrived at the station the rain had more or less stopped, and with that some more humidity joined our plans.

We check in and head out to explore. The hotel is quaint and centrally located. It so happens that Beyoncè was in town on her tour so the city was a bit more packed with people heading to the concert. After seeing a few sites, a drug deal in the works, an almost knife domestic violence incident, we decide to head back to the room to relax. Dinner was tasty–a veggie corn dog. Dessert was even better at Cafe du Monde, a coffee with beignets.

Early start, the rest of the trip will be like this. Heading to DC and visiting a friend too. On the train on our way to Washington outside of Atlanta a car hits the train. So we get delayed a bit. Apparently this is not a big deal and happens more often than you would imagine. This train is my least favorite of all the trains I’ve been on. Feels more compact and it was dirtier. I’ll be ready to see DC again.

New Orleans

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