The Gift


I find it superficial to admit that my best gift was my Kindle Fire I received last year for my birthday. I am usually not one to worship technology or upgrade to the newest edition of phones, but I fell victim to the bells and whistles the Kindle offered. I was very weary of giving ebooks a real go. It won’t be the same as a real book, I thought. I also felt like I was cheating on real books when I read my first ebook. It only took a week for the aversion to dissipate and I was hooked.

Don’t get me wrong, I still read those real books filled with their magic smell, but ebooks have their perks. It didn’t really hit me until Christmas (a few short months after my birthday) when I was packing an overnight bag for visiting family over the holiday that my Kindle was the only “book” I should pack. I did bring a spare hardcover (I always have one with me) but my normal 3-5 books for the week of Christmas was overkill for this trip. I had so much room in my bag for extra stuff; it’s amazing how much room books can take up. After that trip I’ve been singing ereaders praises and checking out ebooks online each week. I don’t think my sister realized when she bought my gift how often I would use it (DAILY!) and what a perfect gift she found for me.

My name is Tiffany and I’m a reader.

The Gift

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