I really doing this, Jackson thought as he chucked off his shoes placing them in a bucket as his other few possessions he grabbed this morning were rolling through the security x-ray machine. He made the split decision last night that he would finally go to Costa Rica like he planned so many months ago–so he packed a backpack with a few clothes and essentials, got online to purchase his ticket before he could change his mind, then went to bed early to catch is flight this morning. He had one week off from school and already wasted two days going to that damn campus to see her. “How stupid can you be, Jackson?” he muttered to himself as he fell into a chair near his gate. There I go again thinking about her, dear God will it ever end, he mused as he dug out his cell phone from one of his pockets on his backpack. He typed up a quick text to his twin brother, Morgan, to let someone know where he was–just in case.

Hey, just wanted to let you know it didn’t pan out in NY, so I’m taking that trip I’ve always been talking about. Meeting Luis and Judy when I land and staying at the center for the week. I’ll email you more det’s when I land. Please don’t tell Mom, she’ll just worry.

You know I was pulling for you, tough break man. Of course I won’t tell Mom. Do you think I’m crazy? She’ll hound me for more info until you got back. Stay safe. And stop texting me before the sun’s even up yet.

Jackson knew he could count on Morgan, not only because they were twins but his brother was his biggest supporter, always agreeing with his grand ideas or joining him on spontaneous adventures.

A scene from Jackson’s past that I may or may not use in my “untitled project” piece. I have him going to CR because I’ve always wanted to go and explore the rainforest there, visit the sloth sanctuary with my best friend, and lounge on the beaches. It seems like the best location to just go lose yourself by staying busy with exploration. Jackson will discover the joys of coffee farming while there and come back to school with a new mission. He’s always wanted to be his own boss, and was taking business classes in school but didn’t really have a purpose until after his trip to CR. His focus has previously been on waiting around for a certain girl to notice him. He’ll return a new person with a new outlook on life and motivated to make his dreams a reality (his career related dreams). Someone might notice this change in him when she’s back in town visiting in a few years.

Questions and comments welcome. I’ve mainly just geared this post as a bookmark to keep random thoughts about the project I’m working on this fall. 


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