Nachos, for the last five years, have been an important food group in my life.


The nachos above are from a hometown restaurant that my friends and I will travel unlimited miles in order to partake in their food. It’s delicious. If you’re ever in central Missouri, near Warsaw, go to Taco Villa–you won’t regret it.

I’m not a good cook even though I let my imagination run wild it doesn’t translate into the kitchen. I’m way too impatient and end up burning or overcooking most of my food. Nachos and Mexican food, in general, are my saving grace. Any time I’m hungry there is a 75% chance that I’m eating Mexican food. I’m a vegetarian so Mexican food is also an easy option for me to eliminate the meat and replace with veggies or beans.

So for my five ingredients for the perfect meal I would choose: tortilla chips, cheese, black beans, spices, and diced fajita veggie mix (tomatoes, onions, peppers). The best thing about nachos is that you can have a different combination each time thus providing you with a “different” meal.

I have many fond memories that have been shared over a plate of nachos. My most prominent memories involve Busy and our nightly nacho parties. She was in graduate school and I was working the third shift, so we both were having our main meal around midnight. We each would bring 2-3 ingredients and combine them all. After a stint in the oven the meal was ready to consume. I’ve recently come across an apple nacho recipe that I’ll be trying soon. What better way to end dinner nachos than with dessert nachos?


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