One Truth


Hindsight is 20/20.

Looking at my life so far I realize that things happen for a reason. Would I go back and change certain things? Of course. Did I realize after certain events the correct or right way to handle those events? Almost always. But that’s just it, hindsight is 20/20. When you look back in the past the mistakes you made will always seem obvious mistakes. (Time for more clichés) it’s not usually ever about doing something right the first time, it’s what you learn from your mistakes. Mistakes make you a stronger individual.

I try to think of my life like a road trip–there is the starting point (my birth) and the final destination (my death). Then there is everything in between those two points on my map of life. The lessons I learn along the way make traveling further down the road a bit easier. I have certain stops along the way that are designated stops I have to make.

My goal was to write a bit more tonight but my word counter at the bottom has me feeling disappointed. I must try to not dwell on the actual number but come to realize that each consecutive day I return to the blog is another day that I’m developing my routine of writing. It doesn’t truly matter the number of words you write, but that you continue to write even when left feeling uninspired. Tonight I struggled writing about my life because writing about myself makes me uncomfortable. I’m much more capable of helping others be introspective and draw out their thoughts. Turning that focus onto myself has proven much more of a challenge, but something I’m continuing to work to improve about myself.

Does anyone else have similar problems? Does writing about yourself come natural?

One Truth

2 thoughts on “One Truth

  1. I’m comfortable writing about myself when I am free to write about myself (meaning I can add, subtract, consolidate and re-appropriate people, settings events and myself at will). Hey that’s why we’re writers 🙂

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