…or as I like to refer to it, the Elixir of Life.

Today’s writing prompt is right up my alley. I am in love with coffee and if I were able, I would marry it. It’s serious. We’ve been in a steady relationship since I became an adult. Our honeymoon phase of the relationship was very intense (during my college years) and we’ve grown into a comfortable, dependable couple. But enough about us, on to business.


Like babies, coffee has a distinct smell. If you haven’t smelled either of those in your life yet, I cry for you dear friend, because you’re missing out. I had the opportunity to spend a year in coffee land, Colombia. I lived near the “golden triangle” area in which land, weather, and other factors are prime for the growth of the plant. It was a magical time in my life and I miss the beauty of the country.

Me drinking a cup of coffee in front of future coffee in the background.

The smell of coffee is hard to put into words. When I walk into the coffee shop it is like hitting a wall when I encounter the smell. It is a pungent aroma full of earthy scents that fills a room. The scent calms me immensely, but that could be my brain knowing that caffeine is coming soon so it lets up. Freshly brewed coffee is a scent I wish could be bottled and sold because it is heavenly. My morning is not complete without that first cup. Coffee’s aroma is wonderful but the taste is perfection.


So this prompt was more difficult to articulate than I originally thought. I’m off to do some reading, another inspiration trick.



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