Fall Favorites

Day 5 and I’m still talking about Fall. I hope the rest of the month goes by slowly so that I can savor my favorite time of year and before it gets too cold outside. One of my favorites, and the favorite of most other white girls like me, is the Pumpkin Spice Latte, commonly known as the PSL.
SONY DSCThere are many different ways to enjoy a PSL and from different coffee establishments but my top choice is pictured above. This morning the temperature dropped from the previous few days and there was a beautiful fall chill in the air. It was the perfect moment to enjoy my cup of joe. I took the opportunity to relish the quiet house (I live with a newborn) in the early morning and catch up on my reading from my TBR (to be read) pile.

The holiday season brings many new flavors to the coffee scene and pumpkin is one I look forward to the minute it isn’t available anymore in the winter. I crave it all year long. One drink I haven’t had yet but is also equally held in high esteem is a spiced apple cider. Fall has the best drinks and food. What is on your fall must drink/eat list? S’mores, apple pie, PSL, cider, chai tea?

Fall Favorites

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