Grab a Spoon

Cereal is one of my favorite meals, even though I never realized it until this moment. I grew up eating cereal almost every day, sometimes twice a day. This habit began back when I was an infant, just snacking on some Cheerios. You could call me a serial cereal eater. When I come home from work I like to enjoy a big bowl of my pick of the week. During my bowl of goodness, I am reminded of good memories from childhood and suddenly transported back to simpler times. This week I have been partaking in Froot Loops, because bright colors are fun so why not. As I stood in the cereal aisle at my local grocery store I found the options endless. Whole grain this and toasted that, my choice was ultimately a childhood favorite packed full of sugary tastiness. Last week I had a “grownup” cereal so I thought I would splurge this week and go for the visually appealing one. Picking my weekly choice is always a chore because of all the options, but it also gives me a chance to try new brands and combinations during my daily intake of cereal. As I finish off my cereal, I think about all those other times I decided to give in to my laziness to cook and just enjoy a quick, easy bowl. I wonder if it is actual laziness or just comfort in an old habit. Cooking for one is a hassle, so cereal quickly fixes that problem. Life gives you simple pleasures and eating cereal is one of mine. Whether it is the late night snack while watching a movie or during the quiet morning reading the paper with coffee, cereal is always the best part of my day.

Grab a Spoon

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