Here We Go Again

What is your number one goal this year?

I have seen a few posts relating books to your life. The “page one of 365” was trending on Twitter at midnight. And it got me thinking about my book, this thing called life. 2014 zoomed by in my opinion and I imagine that this new year is going to be much of the same. I have set a few goals for myself, but I tend to focus on the small, daily goals to stay motivated. My number one goal for this year is to stay on task. I want to finish things I start and stop procrastinating.

I love how the beginning of the year always gives us all the feeling of the slate being wiped clean, just as each Monday does for us procrastinators. I don’t know how many times I’ve thought I’ll start on Monday or there’s always tomorrow. But what if there weren’t a tomorrow to be had, then what? One thing I’d like to accomplish this year is a change in my thinking. I want to live more in the moment and appreciate the gift of each day.

So long story short, this year is all about that bass getting things done.

Writing prompt idea found on Pinterest, daily questions are not my own.
Here We Go Again

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