Simply the Best

What is your best memory of last year?

In 2014 we welcomed my niece into the world. It was an exciting time for my family. We have a small, close knit family so an addition was big news. My niece is the first grandchild for my mom, who is over the moon. My sister and I were the apples of her eye until the baby came along. Now it’s as if we don’t exist. I don’t blame her that much, Niecers is adorable. She’ll be spoiled rotten in no time.

The best memory about Niecers coming home was when she was introduced to the family dog for the first time. The dog is only 4 years old and was the baby of the family. He’s a long haired chocolate dachshund with personality for days. He was absolutely thrilled to have “a new toy” in the house. Below is the moment captured (the sniffing went on for awhile).

SONY DSCHe may not be the baby any longer but he takes his new job as big brother very seriously. I can tell already that these two are going to be inseparable later.

Simply the Best

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