Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

What’s your favorite accessory?

When I hear or read the word accessory I always tend to think of a fashion accessory, perhaps because it’s the woman in me trying to have a say. One meaning of an accessory is simply, when used as a noun, an extra or addition. So adding something to an original thing making the original item better. This got me thinking about Aristotle’s quote:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

So then I started thinking about word association and sat down to jot my ideas about the topic.

  • accessory
  • extra
  • pieces
  • holism
  • language
  • reading
  • books
  • library
  • tote bag
  • fill
  • knowledge
  • power
  • small
  • speck
  • universe

After a minute of writing down my ideas I reviewed my list and found some accessories. I use tote bags for everything and own a lot of them. My favorite thing to use a tote for is at the farmer’s market in the summer for fruits and veggies to bring home. I also use a tote when going to the library to bring home all my good finds. This thinking lead me to my answer of the writing prompt.

My favorite accessory is a book. I rarely go anywhere without a book on me, just in case I might find some time to squeeze in some reading. I will read anywhere–the bus, walking, after eating dinner, in the bath (I wish in the shower), in the loo, at a party after finding a quiet spot, riding in the car, and so on. A book makes a great accessory because it’s like a travel ticket that will transport you out of your reality and into another place by simply just cracking open the spine and turning those pages. Books are some of the best accessories because they come in all shapes and sizes so you can coordinate your outfit with your books. Books are also good conversation starters. I get asked many times while “out” reading what my book is about and if I enjoy it. One of my favorite activities is connecting with another person over a book we’ve both read.

So what’s your favorite accessory?

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

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