Ring, ring.

Who last called you on the phone?

My last phone call was work related, boring. I’m not much of a phone talker, hell I’m not much of a talker. I am a mean listener though. When thinking of phone calls I think back at least a decade to the time where land-lines were the norm and cell phones were for the elite.

My hometown friend and I used to talk on the phone every night or every other night, even though we saw each other often and lived in the same town. She would do most of the talking and I would chime in with the needed agreements or exclamations to keep the conversation rolling. Our conversations were probably filled with the most mundane topics but we always had things to hash out before the day was over.

Now the idea of calling a friend out of the blue almost terrifies me. I want things to talk about and nothing, according to me, ever happens worth mentioning. Also I hate the idea of interrupting someone’s day to chat on the phone.

I think I’m going to try to send a letter each month, toward the end, to keep up to date with this hometown friend. We’re not as close as we once were and I do miss our nightly chats. What’s the best way you keep in touch with others?

Ring, ring.

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