Feeling Mental

What is the hardest thing you are dealing with?

Mental health is a hot button topic and people with mental health issues are constantly dealing with the stigma society attaches to it. Right now in my life I am dealing with mild/moderate depression. It fluctuates depending on the week but I have had this feeling since returning from abroad. I only spent one year away but sometimes it feels like I am still checked out. My depression definitely started before I left the States and feels like it has only continued to grow in intensity.

I am not just sad or going through a phase. I don’t want attention and I am not just not trying hard enough. I am depressed and dealing with it every single moment of my life.

I found a list of ways to fight depression, there are many out there. Some of my favorites that I use:

  • pamper yourself with a bath, a glass of wine, a massage, or something you find comforting
  • add something new to your life like sprucing up your bedroom with a makeover, try a new hobby, or explore a new place
  • talk about what is bothering you, to a friend, a stranger, a blog/journal, any way to get the thoughts out of your head

If you need help and want to talk to someone, this website has a list of numbers and information of where to find help.

Feeling Mental

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