The Sun Will Come Out

Tomorrow will be better because it will finally be the weekend!

Fridays are great because it signals the end of the work week. In the morning I spend daydreaming and making mental notes about my plans for the weekend. I don’t have a care in the world and I don’t sweat the small stuff. It is hard to stress me out or irritate me on Friday mornings. By the afternoon my mood starts to shift. I get more antsy and hyped up for the bliss that is the weekend. I relish in the thought of walking into my home and removing my pants. What is it about women and taking off their pants? Pants at home are restricted to yoga pants (insert your personal style type here) or no pants. And then Friday night, I tend to stay in to relax and unwind over a more complex dinner than the rest of the week.

Saturdays should be longer. Saturday mornings are spent preparing fancy breakfasts, sipping on coffee, and reading. I will usually pick one thing to get done on Saturday, a must do item like going to the grocery store or picking up something new from the mall. I only change this plan when there is an event in town I want to see or a family/friend obligation is scheduled. Saturday night’s alright for fighting. Saturday night is spent enjoying life, in any way that feels right.

Sunday is catch up day. That morning is for cleaning and other housework. I usually end up doing laundry on this day. Sunday is when the fun of the weekend wears off and it’s back to business. Even though Monday is right around the corner, Sunday evening is great for relaxing and enjoying the last moments of the weekend. Sunday night is the most common night for takeout in this house. Time in the kitchen is minimal unless the mood to bake something strikes me. I usually try to fit in some reading on Sunday, where I can.

Are your weekends elaborately planned or do you take each moment as it comes?

I only have one plan for this weekend. I’m participating in the National Readathon Day on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Hopefully I can get ahead on my reading challenge.

The Sun Will Come Out

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