Today’s temperature was a lovely high of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone has been freaking out about the winter storm Juno. Luckily here (near DC) there has not been too much winter going on outside.

SONY DSCI am not the biggest fan of winter, but it does make pretty photos. There are quite a few things about winter that I do love. I like watching snow fall. Snowflakes are one of my favorite things and I have dreamed about having a winter wedding. Hot chocolate or hot coffee is the best part about mornings in the winter. Winter fashion is my favorite and sweaters are the best. Blizzards sound terrible but being snowed in and spending the day reading seems like a day well spent. My house would be amazing if it had a fireplace, then I would never leave the house during the winter. Even though the weather is cold, I would much rather be cold than too hot.

The view from my bedroom, quite calming. I hope to venture out tomorrow for some more photos. Stay warm, New Englanders.



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