Today I had to pop off to the store to pick up some essentials–tortilla chips and bread. I could have skipped the bread but running out of chips in this house is a big no-no.

We never use to go through so many chips in the past but my sister perfected her salsa recipe last year and we’ve been addicts ever since. It is a favorite snack around here, and with the big game coming up on Sunday we had to stock up on chips before the weekend.

I stopped into three stores and had more errands to run but met my limit of being out in winter, plus I get easily angered by stupid people.

Today’s prompt asked about how much I spent at my latest grocery store outing, which I found to be an odd writing prompt. I spent around $7 at the store for three items, not too bad. My coffee from the local *bucks was more than half my grocery bill.

The feeling of wanting to write is getting hard to muster up. I try to write at the same time each day but the last few days has felt like a chore. I am hoping that it is just a phase and will pass with time but I think I might have to research some activities to help with this block.

Any tips you have for writing even though you feel like you have nothing to say?


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