Coming Home

My house is a home because…


A home to me is where my books are stacked and my coffee is brewed which is why I feel at home in a library, half the equation is present. In great libraries the whole equation is complete. A house comes in many shapes and sizes; I would know because during my childhood we moved many times. Each time we moved it was difficult to settle in but my mother always did a great job making each place feel like home.

Many say that “home is where the heart is” and I agree. The best part about moving was evolving my taste in how my room was decorated. The trick my mom used was making my room my own and giving the freedom to my safe haven. To this day, my bedroom is my favorite room in the house and where I like to relax.

A house is just where your stuff is or the address you use for official purposes; a home is where you feel safe and where you love to return to when you are gone. A home is filled with love, either family, pets, or material items that evoke that emotion. One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling you experience when coming home–relief, joy, and a small amount of gratitude.

What makes your house a home?
Coming Home

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