What is Love

The Last Person to Tell You they Love You.

My mother is the last person to tell me, “I love you.” We have only recently started saying those words aloud to each other. Our family is not a “show your emotions” type of family. I grew up feeling loved, of course, but I don’t recall hearing those words often. That might explain why I’m such a love cynic.

The commercial holiday celebrating love is right around the corner. I am always single (something I’ve come to terms with) so it is just another day to me. Sometimes I have the thought that I will always be single or end up finding my prince by the time I’m 70. Society has programmed me into thinking that there is something wrong with me because I am in my thirties and in no rush to marry and procreate. Let me tell you something, society, don’t hold your breath waiting for me to get my shit together.

So love, does it require you to have your head on straight? I am a very selfish person, so I can’t even imagine devoting half my thoughts/feelings to someone else. What is love? I am convinced that I have never actually been in love.

How would you define or describe love?
What is Love

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