The end of the month is always a busy time, plus it is the weekend. I have a to-do list to write so that I can cross off all my items that I wish to accomplish and add in some relaxing time. I have letters to write, birthday gifts to mail, book club to stay updated on, book reviews to finish, reading to catch up on, and House of Cards season 3 to watch. I am starting with the binge watching. Have a good weekend, all!


Down with the Sickness

I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick. This is my mantra right now because everyone in my house was/is sick and my turn is next. I can feel it coming, today I felt my energy draining quicker than usual. Right now I think the only thing that will help is to embrace it and welcome the bugger with a positive attitude.

I have read and heard about many home remedies to fight a cold. People swear by them, but do they really work? Who knows, but here’s a list of a few I gathered from online.

  • Load up on vitamin C
  • Chicken soup (helps to keep you hydrated)
  • Cold medicine, or a shot of whiskey
  • Eat your greens or a balanced meal to get all nutrients needed
  • Essential Oil
  • Vicks VapoRub
  • A warm bath or a long shower
  • Exercise
  • Rest

Tonight I managed three from the list. I hope to recoup over a good night’s sleep. I hate the idea of getting sick just in time for the weekend. Here’s hoping that it is all in my head and that I am not getting sick. I am not getting sick.

Down with the Sickness


and Where to Live

I took the quiz to determine my personality indicator. It changed recently from my previous INTJ to ISTJ, the “Examiner”. Not too big of a shift but I was curious if others ever had a shift. It makes sense that as you age your personality would also change and broaden because the way you see the world and the way you behave has changed. Here are my results explained:

Where do I get my energy?

  • Introversion, 100% Extraversion, 0%
    • My energy is from the ideas, pictures, memories, and reactions that are inside my head, in my inner world. I work best alone or in a small group of familiar people. I think before I act. Sometimes the idea of something is better than the real thing.

How do I take in information?

  • Sensing, 70% Intuition, 30%
    • I use my senses to process information. Facts guide me and I remember details better when the information is important to me. Practicality is important to me. Experience speaks to me louder than words.

How I make decisions?

  • Thinking, 80% Feeling 20%
    • My head guides me more than my heart when I make decisions. Pros and cons help me stay logical when deciding and I try to keep my feelings out of my decisions, always trying to stay rational. 

How I organize my world?

  • Judging, 65% Perceiving 35%
    • My world as others see it or my “outer” world is organized and structured. I make lists and like to complete tasks. I feel more comfortable when things are settled or decided. My philosophy is work then play, I don’t mix the two. On the inside, I feel flexible and open to new information and may be more carefree than what I present on the outside to others.

I saw an article about where to live according to your personality and thought it was interesting. I went from awesome Seattle with my previous personality results to now Berlin. Here’s what the article has to say about my results:

ISTJ – Berlin, Germany

ISTJs like clear-cut, upstanding efficiency – and Germany offers the ideal cultural fit. The historical city of Berlin holds a heavy focus on education, development and intellect, which appeals to the no-nonsense nature of the ISTJ. This type doesn’t hesitate when it comes to getting things done and they enjoy living in a city that holds the same value. Patriotic to the core but private with their personal lives, this type enjoys the structured, independent values of Germany.

What is your personality and where should you live?

Find more information about the Myers-Briggs personality test here.


Running Behind

Today is a reading day for me. I’m trying to catch up on my list. Here’s what I’m reading now:

Tiffany’s bookshelf: currently-reading

Life After Life
0 of 5 stars
Boy Meets Boy
0 of 5 stars
The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul
0 of 5 stars
0 of 5 stars


Share book reviews and ratings with Tiffany, and even join a book club on Goodreads.

Running Behind



I posted at the beginning of this month an update about art (read about it here). I was scrolling through some old photos and found photographs of two artworks I own. I won two pieces on a cruise a few years ago and out of the twenty or so choices the following two pieces really caught my eye.


Marko Mavrovich

‘A Day in Catalina’ – serigraph in colors

Mavrovich is from California with Croatian descent. His is inspired by living close to the sea, and many of his works include the water or boats. This first one was an obvious choice for me. My favorite artist is Claude Monet and this reminded me of that. I also love the water–ocean, lake, or river, I would be there. Catalina is an island off the coast of California, my home state. The colors used in the work for me are calming, much like sitting by the water calms me. I love this piece.


Marcus Glenn

‘Keys to the Soul’ – lithograph

Glenn from Detriot is known for his use of bright colors and using paper/fabrics for a textured effect. His style is called Flat Life, where he mixes painting and sculpture. The effect is mesmerizing. I was drawn to this piece because my favorite color is green. It also combines two of my interests, music and art. You can almost hear the music of the piano.

I think a trip to the art museum is in my future.

Which artists are your favorite or do you have a favorite piece of artwork?

Needs and Wants

Three Things You Need

If I were to talk about what I need right now, currently I would list off things like chocolate, tiramisu, or cheesecake. I have a terrible sweet tooth especially after meals I like to leave my palate with something sweet. But if I put some thought into the question there is not anything that I need right now. Things I want, of course, are easy to list but things I need are harder to identify. One need that just popped up was a local friend. I spend a lot of time working part time or working at home. I do not really have any friends in this area and have not made the effort to go make any, but it would be nice to blow off steam with someone when I have free time.

For a person like me it is hard to put myself out there when trying to make new friends. It does not feel natural to talk to people I do not know or to talk about myself. When thinking back on the friendships I have made I cannot pinpoint the actions or details of how they were forged. My friendships seem to have just happened, as if by magic.

I have been told to join a club, for example, to meet people with similar interests and build friendships there. This is good advice if you commit to it, repetition is key. We no longer live in the time that just asking someone if they want to be your friend will suffice. Elementary school was so easy. Now if you want a friend you have to sell yourself (talking up your good qualities), become interested in others and work to maintain the links you have made.

I think I would rather just get a fish.

Other things I “need” would be new books. It has been ages since I went to the bookstore. I used to go once or twice a week, now it is just once a month if I am lucky. The best part about going to the bookstore is how calming it is to just peruse the shelves for your next grand adventure. Books are the best.

The last thing I will mention on my needs list is an espresso machine. I would save so much money by making my lattes at home. I love the ambiance a coffee shop gives off and the coffee tastes so much better when you do not make it yourself (weird, I know). An espresso machine at home would be lacking the environment I pay extra for but it would be so much more convenient.

A girl can dream.

Needs and Wants


My loyal readers can probably tell that I have not been in a writing mood this past week or longer. It has been difficult to write on the prompts I follow or even any topic. I am not really sure why I have this sudden “block” but it makes updating daily very daunting.

The weather around here has not helped with my mood or creativity. All I want to do is cuddle in my bed and read all day. Today it snowed all day long, which is the third time this week we have dealt with snow. There is also more snow in the forecast for this time next week. I really have no room to complain, I mean I could be stuck in New England with all their snow problems.


The snow is pretty to look at and photograph. Everything outside is clean and crisp. The only problem is that you can not stay outside very long or go very far and if you try it is at a slower pace than normal. Basically, I am ready for spring. How about you?


How to Celebrate

Five years! I really can’t believe the last five years have been meat free for me. I was curious about anniversaries and how to celebrate them so I found this list at the card seller’s website.

Anniversary Traditional Modern
1st Paper Clocks
2nd Cotton China
3rd Leather Crystal/Glass
4th Fruit/Flowers Appliances
5th Wood Silverware

I have yet to properly celebrate my lifestyle change but this year I’m going to get each of these milestones celebrated. I am so proud of myself for sticking to my convictions and educating myself more on vegetarianism. I am still a work in progress and continually learning to be a better cook (I used to suck bad). I hope by this time next year that I accomplish perfecting another recipe and that each of these anniversaries are celebrated in style.


How do you celebrate?
How to Celebrate



Dearest Spring,

Valentine’s has come and gone. We are nearing the end of the shortest month and I cannot help but feel excited about your return. Green grass, evening rain showers, and warmer temperatures are a few things that you specialize in. You are not showy like winter or summer but stick to the basics when it comes to your hobbies. Casual walks, kites in the sky, baseball’s first pitch–spring you’ve got it going on. You’ll slowly make your presence known in the weeks leading up to your big arrival, teasing us all and raising our hopes for a shorter winter. It’s hard to think about you with all this cold and snow around but I wanted to say, I can’t wait to greet you again old friend.


An old friend