What is the last thing you apologized for?

It wasn’t a formal apology or even saying the words “I’m sorry” or apology but the last thing I apologized for were my reactions to a conversation. I didn’t say a thing which was not cool.

Busy and I have been close for a decade or more. She’s off abroad right now and we rely on email, chat, and the occasional video call to keep in touch. We recently had a conversation about her job and the possibility of me joining her abroad but things didn’t work out the way either of us imagined. Needless to say, words were exchanged and were interpreted differently on either end of the conversation. I was left feeling hurt and speechless but also in a defensive mood. We gave each other the silent treatment for a month+ and just recently started to sort things out again by opening the communication lines.

I tend to “shut off” when confrontation is afoot. I like my world balanced and the feelings I had did not mesh with the situation. I also didn’t try to express myself and open up to someone I consider a sister. Basically I didn’t communicate, one of my weaknesses. I have known this about myself for a long time, but I continually struggle to overcome this.

Things are still a bit off but I am going to try my hardest to rectify the situation and get things moving into the light again. I really suck at staying in touch with people and need to be a better friend to Busy.

Do you say “I’m sorry” or “I apologize”? Does it make a difference which one you use more?

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