Color Me Happy

My favorite color is GREEN!

I cannot recall the time in which this color took precedence over any other color. Green has been my favorite color for over a decade. When I think of green I usually imagine something relating to nature. This also gets me thinking about Spring (my second favorite time of year). During Spring new life starts to grow again, plants renew after winter is over, and there is a fresh beginning for the season. Most greens are passive colors (unlike red) and make me feel calm. I have always found green an agreeable color, but is sometimes connected to jealousy or envy. The color green is everywhere: from money to flags, in politics and religion, the environment and even sports.

Here are some interesting things I found out about my favorite color.

Green is associated with loyalty, directness, and kindness. Identifying with green means you are intuitive and respect the value of a good reputation.

Green is connected with nature and balance (since green is made from mixing yellow and blue). Green includes yellow’s optimism and blue’s calm which makes green a safe color.

Green is linked to money, life, growth, tranquility, envy, health, greed, and harmony (to name a few).

Does your favorite color change or has it been the same thing for awhile?
Color meaning found at various places: here, here, and here.
Color Me Happy

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