Do Over

I missed yesterday’s topic about health. I am glad I skipped it because I could not imagine writing about my health and rating it on a 1-10 scale. My rating system and yours are completely different, so if I rated my health at a 7, what would that even mean? Is 1 a high or low score, meaning good health or bad?

Today’s prompt asks: “If you could do today over, would you change anything?”

I probably would want to redo my evening. Tonight I am babysitting my niece and we had a rough few hours right after dinner and before bedtime. She is only 5 months old so she flips out when she can’t communicate her needs, and an even bigger mess is when her needs are not met in what she considers a timely manner.

I would relive my evening because I stressed out with her and she could tell my patience was wearing thin. I contacted my sister and worried her when I should have taken a few deep breaths and tried a new strategy with the baby. She is teething, so life is rough for her right now.

I have never had a maternal instinct, and never had the urge to take care of others. I like to help out but I do better with independence and seek out strong, independent individuals for friends. I am also an introvert so I do not understand people when they would rather not be alone. Everyone needs alone time, and clingy people are strange to me (even babies).

I love her to death and I was never mad or angry, my night was full of crying and it is the most difficult situation to be in while trying to think straight. She finally calmed down and fell asleep mid-bottle. I had time to eat a quick meal (part of my issues were hanger (hunger/anger) related) and unwind over a movie.

I would also make today a do over so that I could get some reading in. I haven’t read in a few days and I am starting to feel like I am neglecting something that would brighten my mood. It’s important to complete a few activities during the day that are selfish. It helps with my mood, helps to recharge the batteries, and “me time” keeps me invested in myself.

This blog is starting to become my “therapy” session. It helps clear out my head and get all my many thoughts out of my mind. Welcome to all my new followers, and thanks to those readers that are still sticking around.

Do Over

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