Me, Myself, and I

Name a person you wish you did not have to deal with today.


I would like to take a break from my mental monologues. I am always in my head analyzing something or planning conversations which rarely even happen. No matter how much I tell the inner chatter to shut up it continues to pull me in. I would like to spend more time living life than living inside my head.

We all have the voice inside our head and we control it. My inner voice usually does not bother me enough to notice but lately that is not the case. I think winter has a bit to do with it (cabin fever, etc) but maybe it has to do with the mood I have been in the last few months.

How to Get Out of my Head
  • Try new things
    • Especially something out of my comfort level.
  • Volunteer my time
    • Giving back will improve my mood.
  • Plan the day out
    • My list making can come in handy on this tip.

I am also going to try dancing, listening to music, reading, yoga, drawing, try out new recipes, and watching movies on my movie list.

How do you stay busy and/or fight boredom? Does the voice in your head distract you?
Me, Myself, and I

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