Tension, stress and anxiety will disrupt your night’s sleep. I have been dealing with mild insomnia the last few months, always during the winter. Below is a list of suggestions that have worked for me and may or may not work in your case. I am not a doctor or licensed professional, follow advice/tips at your own risk.

Ways to Get More Sleep
  • Music
    • I would listen to music every night if I could remember to turn it on. Music designated for sleep is ideal, soft and mellow tunes, but I really enjoy the sound of rain or a sleep playlist with my favorite easy listening artists.
  • A warm bath
  • Herbal tea or warm milk
  • Limit caffeine after dinner
  • Avoid television before bed
    • Your bed and sleeping should not be associated with other things. Television is a distraction and keeps your senses alert.
  • Reading
    • I always read before going to bed, it helps me not to think about the day and to get lost in another world. The problem sometimes is not being able to stop reading.

Last night was an early night for me. I try to go to bed at the same time to develop a routine and so that my mind can get used to the “powering down” phase of the night. But I usually cannot fall asleep until one or two in the morning. I need to revisit these tips and try some others to get my sleep schedule back on the right track.

What sleep aids (not a sleeping pill) do you practice to get a good night’s sleep?



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