Seeking Creativity

tiny_tot_by_teafunny-d6gi29rI wish I had more creative moments. I cannot remember the last time I went on a “walkabout”. My walkabouts involve a whole day exploring a new place and taking photographs along the way.

I used to go on photography adventures when I lived in Missouri. Now I feel I have more to photograph that I have not seen (new places) but I do not have the motivation to get out there and take advantage of being in this new location. Once spring hits Maryland, I have to get out more and photograph my environment. I know I won’t be here much longer so I need to get my s*** together before I miss it.


Some of my best memories were during a random photo excursion. My excursions usually start at the coffee shop where I get fueled up before setting off on my adventure. Yesterday was the perfect day to take advantage of the nice weather and get some shots in but I did not. I did manage a coffee out though.

One of my last photography adventures took place on my birthday. I spent the day with my sister. We went to the art museum and then the zoo. I managed to be in the right place at the right time and captured the moment below. I thought it fitting to include it in this post since Valentine’s Day is this weekend. One of my goals in photography that I have been working on is finding naturally occurring shapes and letters to capture. My “heart” below is one of my favorite shapes I have collected, plus flamingos are in my top favorite animals list.


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Seeking Creativity

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