Sleepless in B’more

I’d Rather Be Reading

Sleep and I have always been great friends. There are some times when we are inseparable. It comes as no surprise that we get along so well, so well that I spend at least 8 hours each night with sleep and 10 if I’m lucky. Last night was a blimp in our friendship though. I sadly only spent half my usual time at sleep’s house last night and I paid for it today.

Today was a day filled with grumpiness and yawns. Even though my sister was kind enough to deliver a much needed latte I still had to drag myself around the house on no energy. I even tried to fit in a few cat naps but since I spent the day babysitting it never actually happened. Babies surprisingly zap all your energy. Tiny humans are always on and it is exhausting. Today I tried out new voices for reading stories aloud and I learned that Niecers likes books read fast. We also watched Harry Potter 2 (COS) this evening. The Mandrakes and Pixies were a big hit, as well as Quidditch.

I have not had much time to get in my reading. I am hoping tonight I can change that. I also got signed up for a book club by Busy. I have two weeks to finish half of this new book. Libraries expect you to read a book in two weeks so I should be able to manage this timeline. Tonight I’m finishing Nick and Norah, my C book of my reading challenge. I picked Divergent for my D book which I am looking forward to reading (finally, I know). Any book ideas for E? Either author’s last name or book title that starts with E.

I’m usually blogging at 11 p.m. to get my daily post in and reading gets pushed back later. Tonight I’m an hour ahead so yay! reading time.

My currently-reading book montage

Life After Life
Boy Meets Boy
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

Share book reviews and ratings with Tiffany, and even join a book club on Goodreads.

Sleepless in B’more

2 thoughts on “Sleepless in B’more

  1. Over the Christmas holiday I read “Everything is illuminated” by Jonathan Saffran Foer….it was my second book of his the other being “Extremely loud and incredibly close”. Both would be excellent ‘E’ books!

    1. Great suggestions. Everything is Illuminated is in my top ten favorite books. His Eating Animals book changed my life.
      I recommend these books to those that haven’t read him too.

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