I posted at the beginning of this month an update about art (read about it here). I was scrolling through some old photos and found photographs of two artworks I own. I won two pieces on a cruise a few years ago and out of the twenty or so choices the following two pieces really caught my eye.


Marko Mavrovich

‘A Day in Catalina’ – serigraph in colors

Mavrovich is from California with Croatian descent. His is inspired by living close to the sea, and many of his works include the water or boats. This first one was an obvious choice for me. My favorite artist is Claude Monet and this reminded me of that. I also love the water–ocean, lake, or river, I would be there. Catalina is an island off the coast of California, my home state. The colors used in the work for me are calming, much like sitting by the water calms me. I love this piece.


Marcus Glenn

‘Keys to the Soul’ – lithograph

Glenn from Detriot is known for his use of bright colors and using paper/fabrics for a textured effect. His style is called Flat Life, where he mixes painting and sculpture. The effect is mesmerizing. I was drawn to this piece because my favorite color is green. It also combines two of my interests, music and art. You can almost hear the music of the piano.

I think a trip to the art museum is in my future.

Which artists are your favorite or do you have a favorite piece of artwork?

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