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I took the quiz to determine my personality indicator. It changed recently from my previous INTJ to ISTJ, the “Examiner”. Not too big of a shift but I was curious if others ever had a shift. It makes sense that as you age your personality would also change and broaden because the way you see the world and the way you behave has changed. Here are my results explained:

Where do I get my energy?

  • Introversion, 100% Extraversion, 0%
    • My energy is from the ideas, pictures, memories, and reactions that are inside my head, in my inner world. I work best alone or in a small group of familiar people. I think before I act. Sometimes the idea of something is better than the real thing.

How do I take in information?

  • Sensing, 70% Intuition, 30%
    • I use my senses to process information. Facts guide me and I remember details better when the information is important to me. Practicality is important to me. Experience speaks to me louder than words.

How I make decisions?

  • Thinking, 80% Feeling 20%
    • My head guides me more than my heart when I make decisions. Pros and cons help me stay logical when deciding and I try to keep my feelings out of my decisions, always trying to stay rational. 

How I organize my world?

  • Judging, 65% Perceiving 35%
    • My world as others see it or my “outer” world is organized and structured. I make lists and like to complete tasks. I feel more comfortable when things are settled or decided. My philosophy is work then play, I don’t mix the two. On the inside, I feel flexible and open to new information and may be more carefree than what I present on the outside to others.

I saw an article about where to live according to your personality and thought it was interesting. I went from awesome Seattle with my previous personality results to now Berlin. Here’s what the article has to say about my results:

ISTJ – Berlin, Germany

ISTJs like clear-cut, upstanding efficiency – and Germany offers the ideal cultural fit. The historical city of Berlin holds a heavy focus on education, development and intellect, which appeals to the no-nonsense nature of the ISTJ. This type doesn’t hesitate when it comes to getting things done and they enjoy living in a city that holds the same value. Patriotic to the core but private with their personal lives, this type enjoys the structured, independent values of Germany.

What is your personality and where should you live?

Find more information about the Myers-Briggs personality test here.


One thought on “Personality

  1. The Happy Typewriter says:

    I love MBTI. I’m an ISTJ but I worked to grow in my feeling side and can come out as an ISFJ. The ISTJ profile fits me almost 100% though. It’s amazing, it’s like reading me on the page.

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