World Book Day

I love celebrating random things, especially involving reading, books, libraries, etc. In the UK and Ireland (where my heart/soul resides) today was world book day. World book day’s goal is to encourage children to read. Sharing my love of books and reading is a new life goal I have adopted.

I recently joined a book club with friends abroad, as if I didn’t have enough books in my “to read” pile. I am still ahead on my reading challenge for this year and hope to keep it that way. I am reading my way through the alphabet. Instead of picking title or author I chose to read either for each letter, I think it will make choosing a book much easier. I am currently on the letter E and I am bouncing between two books.


The first four letters were easy to get through but I think as I go along it will get more difficult to find a book for letters (I’m talking to you Q,X,Z). Here are the letters I have read thus far.

First books of reading challenge.
I have 21 more books to delegate to letters, any recommendations? What are you currently reading?
World Book Day

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