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favorite series

My favorite series is the Harry Potter books which I discussed yesterday. So today I will talk about some other series that are recent reads which I enjoyed.


So I am late to this series but that won’t stop me from commenting about it. I am glad I didn’t start reading in 2012 because these books are best when read together. I hate waiting between books because I have a terrible memory and by the time the next book is out I have forgotten the plot of the previous. I found this series could have been one long book and I would have enjoyed it more. If you haven’t read it and enjoy dystopian fiction or young adult, I recommend this series to you.

the last year series

I discovered this series last year and it swept me away. It reminds me of a mix between Condie’s Matched series and The Hunger Games. It was slow to start but by page 50 or so I could not put it down and immediately had to download the other three books in the series. It was also published in 2012 so you’re lucky that you can read all at once and not wait to continue the story. The covers are beautifully done and I would read these books again, so highly recommended.
The last series I’ll mention is from an author you probably know from either Vampire Academy or Bloodlines. Richelle Mead is one of my go to reads, I have enjoyed all the books from her that I have read. The Georgina Kincaid series is one of my favorites but Dark Swan is on my to read list, so that might change.
Which series is your first to recommend? Which book series can you not stop obsessing over?
Curious Collections

5 thoughts on “Curious Collections

  1. So glad you’re reading this. I recently finished the first book! You’re right, it is an easy read for adults. The series is aimed at early teens however. Our Little Girl (10) is enthralled with it, but she does struggle with the language, so it’s not so easy for her, especially all the different names for the different societies, and I doubt she would like it if it was one book.

    I read Hunger Games too (again, aimed at mid teens). As much as I enjoyed the story I felt it wasn’t very well written (lots of repetition and it could have done with (another) edit).

    Of the Harry Potter series I only read the very last book, because I loooved the movies and I didn’t want anyone to give away the plot before I was able to watch it so I read it. I enjoyed it. I am thinking of starting book number 1 though, maybe read it to the Little Boy (7). What do you think?

    1. I read the first Harry Potter book to my fourth graders (9&10 yo) and they loved it. My niece is only 6 months and I’m going to start her on HP soon. The books are so great. If you loved the movies the books will be easy to love. After reading each book you could have a movie night to celebrate.

  2. I love Divergent and Insurgent and was devastated when I read Allegiant. I am still somewhat recovering from the ending though I read the book so long ago. As for the second series on your post I would just like to say that the covers are beautiful-makes me want to read it!

    1. The ending of Allegiant made me appreciate the series as a whole. I think otherwise I may have dismissed the series and it’d have become easily forgotten.
      The Last Year series by Trisha Leigh was really good. I had just finished another series and was feeling a book hangover when I started Whispers in Autumn(#1). It was different enough from what I had been reading and I easily got sucked into their world. Beware of the triangle, it’s the one gripe I have, so predictable.

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