Cheerful Anecdotes

Day 5 of 7

a book that makes you happy

Just one? Being near books fills me with happiness. The feeling when I walk into a bookstore or library is pure relief, it often feels like a reunion of old friends. If I had to chose one book that evokes happiness I would pick most of Laurie Notaro’s pieces. I find her hilarious and her stories are always amusing.

7530The first book of Notaro’s that I read was AoaFB, and I’ve been a loyal reader ever since.

In Autobiography of a Fat Bride, Laurie contemplates family, home improvement, and the horrible tyrannies of cosmetic saleswomen. She finds that life doesn’t necessarily get any easier as you get older. But it does get funnier.

via Goodreads

Her short stories are filled with events that could happen to you. I love her writing style and her stories about her Mother and Nana. She makes the mundane sound entertaining. If you want a good laugh, pick up one of her books to peruse.

Be honest with yourself; set the alarm for the time the Real You will get up, not the Ambitious You, because the Ambitious You doesn’t really exist.

–Laurie Notaro, Autobiography of a Fat Bride

Come on get happy…what are some of your happy reads?

Cheerful Anecdotes

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