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a book that makes you sad

This lovely little craze boggles my mind. I do not think we are meant to understand things such as this, it just is what it is. I gave in to all the hype and read this series in 2012. Everyone was talking about it, I had to see what the big deal was. Let me tell you, if you have not read these, don’t bother. I found it to be such a waste of time. I swear the entire time I kept thinking, “surely it gets better, just read a bit further”. It never did.

This book makes me sad because of all the attention it gets, the hundred million copies sold, and it made me a sheep following the flock. I should have known better than to listen to my collective group of “friends” on Facebook for book recommendations. The one good thing about this series is it probably got people reading who normally wouldn’t be found with a book in their hand. I feel the same way about Frappuccino consumers at Starbucks, at least it’s money going toward keeping my convenient coffee shop open. (Popping quickly into Starbucks in the summer is a chore, am I right?)

Let’s all face it, sex sells. We know this and should not be surprised by the phenomenon that is Fifty Shades.


One thought on “Craptastic

  1. I had exactly the same thought when reading the first book! And it didn’t get better… In fact, I didn’t think it possible, but it got worse. I never finished it. Should we ritually burn our copies?

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