I have wanted to do this for awhile but either forgot or put it off for another day.


A short, quick thank you to all my readers, especially those not in the U.S. like me. My Australian readers: I have always been fascinated with Australia since I was about ten years old so seeing it on my stats page makes me smile. Those from India: I have just recently in the past few years discovered the wonder and beauty that your country offers, from afar. I hope to one day experience the beauty in person. The U.K. readers, my heart and soul have always been yours. I am a proud Anglophile. I am not even sure where these feelings came from but I am sure I was born in the wrong decade and the wrong continent. Readers from the Philippines, thank you for stopping by. It amazes me how people find each other online, worlds apart. Italian readers, you are always welcome. My love of the Netherlands is always growing. And lastly, Canada. You may not know but I sometimes wish I were Canadian.

If I could I would visit each and every one of these countries. Exploring the unknown is a trait I hope to never lose. Each and every one of my readers are appreciated, and I just wanted to say thank you for reading. I hope to continue to express myself creatively, post worthwhile content, and send good vibes out into the world.

Have a great week and I hope to see you here again.


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