Get Your Reading Done

How To Get More Reading Time

5 Habits via Jessica at BookRiot

All of us readers have this problem at one time or another–trying to squeeze in time to read. Here are a few tricks to get that book finished and that “to be read” pile down.

Read before bed, every single day.

Seems like common sense but that time spent reading before bed adds up. Set yourself a goal or time limit and stick to it. I have stayed up late finishing a book so I know the struggle but remember there is always tomorrow night to look forward to and a good book is worth the wait.

Read while on the move.

If you commute then you have the perfect opportunity for reading time. Also consider audiobooks, for those that walk or drive (I use audiobooks on the treadmill). I usually have one book picked out for commute reading. For example, a thin paperback that if it gets lost or damaged I would not be as heartbroken as if it were a more prized book.

Interact with other readers.

This will get you recommendations for other books. It will spread book love around because I know we all like to talk about stories we love. You may even forge a friendship over your passion for reading.

Lunchtime equals book time.

Reading during a meal used to make me feel like a loner, but I would rather have an enjoyable meal while reading than sit and pretend to be involved in the lunch table’s conversation. This habit of reading while eating was instilled at a young age for me and I still read at lunch during the work week.

Wake up and read.

I like to spend an hour or two on the weekend just reading. It is my relaxing time. My favorite time to read is when I wake up in the morning on Saturday or Sunday while I’m still being lazy getting a chapter or two in before I start my day.

When do you fit in your reading time?

Get Your Reading Done

2 thoughts on “Get Your Reading Done

  1. I think I read the most when I’m not doing anything or waiting for class to start. It’s helpful to always have a book handy during those times. I wish I was more accustomed to e-readers though, it sure would make things much more convenient.

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