You’re Ahead of Schedule

My reading progress, at the present.
april book update

I decided to look at the details of my progress so far. It doesn’t feel like I have spent that much time reading but this number for me is something to talk about. We are one third of the way through the year and I am happy with my books so far.

Each year I participate in the Goodreads reading challenge (2011 was my best reading year). This year I decided to change my thinking about the challenge. I normally would pick a number and scramble to meet that goal by December. This year I chose to read books from A to Z where the author of the book or the title will represent each letter of the alphabet.

I have been stuck at the letter H for awhile so last week I gave myself permission to jump around the alphabet. There are a few books on my TBR pile that are itching to be read (I also have a few books needing reviews that will serve double duty).

Have a great weekend, and happy reading!

Are you participating in a reading challenge this year? How is your progress?
You’re Ahead of Schedule

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