Ways to Ruin a Book

*Book Pet Peeves*

  1. Lame endings. I took all this time to read the book, is it too much to ask for an ending worth my time? Books that suck from the beginning are easier to walk away from but if you throw a handful of suck at the end, beware the wrath of readers scorned. Anticlimactic endings will be the end of me.
  2. Infallible protagonist. Main characters that have all their problems solved are a bit boring. When things go smoothly it is either not interesting or not realistic. All sunshine and rainbows is annoying. But the opposite is also a pet peeve of mine–playing the victim. A character that shows no change, always weak and helpless, or has others take pity on them is not something I want to read.
  3. Lengthy descriptions. There is a fine balance between dialogue and prose. Most authors toe the line managing to balance the two but others end up on either end of the extreme.
  4. Editing. Did this book even see an editor? This is self explanatory.
  5. Mistreatment of books. On another note, readers that treat their books poorly irritate me. There are happier homes for those books.
  6. Spoilers. This is a problem for more than books, but I hate hearing about book spoilers. If you’re going to review a book, please, please, make sure you label your review with spoiler alerts.

A few others:

  • instant love
  • the slowest beginning (where’s my hook?)
  • book series that really should have been one book (or a shorter series *cough* Charlaine Harris/P.C. Cast)

What is the quickest way to ruin a book for you?
Ways to Ruin a Book

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