Just One Night

if the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth?


I am sure that in the moment my mind would change and not go with my plan because I would hope that I would be spontaneous. In my daily life I try to strive for spontaneity but rarely pull it off. I like to plan ahead and follow rules, so in my last moments on Earth I would hope that I could finally achieve being spontaneous.

I would likely see or talk to loved ones to begin with and then selfishly spend the rest of the day doing something I love. I would hope that I would go somewhere new. The feeling you get when you get in the car and just drive, I would try to replicate that with my remaining time. I would enjoy great food and drink, especially stopping at cafes along the way.

I would rent a car with excellent gas mileage and set off after filling it up. With just the road and music to keep me company I would drive north. I made a list of things I wanted to do before I died but I don’t think I would even consider my list for ideas. I would continue driving until I felt I should stop. I would hope timing would be on my side so that when the end is near it is dark and I’m parked in a field or meadow and staring up at the Northern Lights. I imagine I will be fondly remembering the memories I have made and yearning for the feeling of peace to stay with me until the end.


Weird topic but now I’m in the mood to read.

Just One Night

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