Throwback, Days of Yore

332944_10150328971795671_699430161_oThis was my neighborhood bookstore of choice. I am not sure why it happened but my preference for Borders over B&N was always present. I used to visit weekly to catch up with my old friends and new acquaintances (new releases/classics) and tried to bring a friend home with me every once in awhile. The books greeted me each time like no time had passed. The atmosphere in the store was what kept me coming back. I never had to wait in line too long for coffee at the cafe. The tables weren’t crowded with teens sipping their fraps or hipsters on their Macs. It was a more relaxed vibe I got while wandering the shelves, reminding me of the library almost.

I miss having a place that feels like a second home. I have yet to find another spot to frequent and the void still feels fresh. With time the wound will heal and more so when another store takes the place this one occupied. Until then I’ll just say, thanks for the memories.

Throwback, Days of Yore

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