I finished the first five seasons on Netflix this past weekend and now I’m caught up with the newest season on abcFamily. I’m hooked on this show and now I get to wait it out each week until the new episode airs. Talk about torture. The summer finale is coming up so I will get to return to my “regular scheduled programming” again. 🙂

What show are you hooked on?

6 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. I love “Hannibal”… Season 3 is almost over…To dilate this season, I started “The Missing” last week. I’ll finished the 1st season tomorrow: just another excellent and addictive British tv show… Like “The Fall”: I killed/ate two seasons in 2 weeks 🙂

    1. I watched the first season of Hannibal and liked it. I think it’s a show I’ll have to binge once it’s over. The waiting between episodes kills me.

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