Where in the World, Paris.


I tried finding something similar around the Internet but haven’t yet. I wanted to incorporate my love of reading with travel and geography. In my free time I love exploring maps, Google Street View, and travel lists. I started asking the question “where in the world are you?” when you are reading. A few ideas to include:

  • the setting of your current read
  • if you’ve been there before
  • a few interesting facts about that location

This week takes me to a location I dream about visiting, The City of Light, Paris.

I just finished reading Anna and the French Kiss which has the main character, Anna, whisked to France to attend her senior year abroad at a private school. I guess this post could also include Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S., Anna’s home home. This reminds me of a quote from the book.

For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.

I have spent a year abroad so I could relate to Anna and her struggles with communicating, a new environment, and being away from “home”. I have never been to France let alone Europe, but someday.

Things in Paris to explore, that the book touched on:

  • architecture
  • museums and theatre
  • parks, gardens, cemeteries
  • fashion and culture
  • Paris walks
  • cinema
  • food and drink

The things I would look forward to exploring would be almost all of the things listed above. Some are tourist destinations like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre but others would be just walking in parks and the different districts or along the Seine to experience the best that Paris has to offer. Anna went alone and made friends when she arrived. I would love to visit with a friend, someone to share the memories with and hopefully one that knew a little French or just a partner in crime.

Have you been to Paris? Where are your reads taking you this week?

Where in the World, Paris.

2 thoughts on “Where in the World, Paris.

  1. This week my reading is leading me to Italy – Isonzo and Milan – where Hemingway’s “a farewell to arms” was placed. Paris is the city I chose to spend my life some years ago 🙂

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