Top Ten Tuesday, All the Books

The topic this week from the Broke & Bookish is about authors that make your auto-buy list. Must have all the books!

This topic is a bit difficult for me since I rarely buy new books. I like to pick mine up secondhand at used bookstores or thrift shops. I don’t think I have ten authors that are auto-buys. But let’s try:

1. Richelle Mead is an auto buy because I have read three of her series and have always enjoyed the story. When I pick up one of her books I know the escape to another world will be quite the journey. The characters will be lovable, the dialogue will have some humor, and the plot satisfying.

2. Laurie Notaro is one that many don’t know but I always recommend. I find her writing hilarious. Her stories are laugh out loud funny.

3. Mindy Kaling may only have one book (I’m super excited about her new release next month) but I will pick up anything by her. She is intelligent and witty, her writing is no different.

4. John Green‘s books are an auto buy. Each year I read one of his works, slowly making my way through his collection. I think I only own two of his books.

5. Jonathan Safran Foer makes my list because his books make me think and keep thinking long after I have finished reading.

So after pondering this for a hour or more, I have come to the conclusion that I should read more to develop this list. I love books and reading but I guess I have a strict view when it comes to buying books. My favorite thing is to utilize the library where I can borrow books and find new authors that will someday become featured on my auto buy list.

Top Ten Tuesday, All the Books

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