Flashback, Three Years

560565_10151770590845366_1028580773_nThree years ago today I woke up to quite the surprise–a fine coating of volcanic ash on everything. I lived 30 miles away from Nevado del Ruiz, a volcano in central Colombia which last erupted in 1994. Never did I consider a volcano eruption when moving to South America. I was stressed most of the day with talks of a big eruption but needless to say only minor activity resulted. It is quite the memory, something I will always remember.

The volcano for the past few days is stirring again like three years ago. Check out the activity here for live webcam views.



Coffee or My Life Source

What’s your favorite thing to drink?

One of the best ways to enjoy a coffee, pair it with a cupcake.
One of the best ways to enjoy a coffee, pair it with a cupcake.

It’s about time that I devoted a post to my love of all things coffee. Coffee is my beverage of choice. I can drink it all day long, but try to stop my intake after eating dinner. I”ll have one cup after dinner with or for dessert . The best thing about coffee is connecting with friends over a cup.

Cafe in Chicago.

I love coffee so much that I moved to coffee land, Colombia, for a year when the opportunity arose. I find it fascinating the different ways to prepare coffee and how different cultures take their coffee in different manners.

Coffee plants in Colombia.

My favorite coffee shop I have ever visited was in Springfield, Missouri. The Coffee Ethic has a great atmosphere and my friends and I spent many hours here. I’ve always had a perfect cup of java from this shop. While in Springfield I had the chance to attend a caffeine crawl, which was amazing. If you love coffee and talking about the topic with others that share your love a crawl is a perfect event for you to attend.


Do you have a favorite beverage? Enjoy coffee as much as I do?

Coffee or My Life Source