ABC’s to a CBA

This is a bit overdue. I was nominated last month. Better late than never?


Thank you so much to Amanda and Erika for the recognition. I wouldn’t say I try hard to have creative updates but I do try to be pleasing to the masses.

I was recognized by the lovely Amanda over on her blog. Her wit and sarcasm got me hooked to her updates, a kindred spirit. Twelve days later Erika the Bibliophile nominated me. It says it in her name, she is a bookworm that has great insight into books I read or want to read. She is also a creative blogger. If you don’t follow them, I recommend you rectify that now!

You may be thinking, is there a way to be more creative?, and I will tell you yes (okay, maybe).

Always update, it forces you to get imaginative in what you want to say that day and it creates a habit of writing which in turn will help in the creativity department.

Be active which means engage with other bloggers. This will traffic in readers to your blog and help you become a part of the wonderful community of the blogosphere.

Creativity is not a finite thing and there is not a step by step guide to generate it, sorry. Just be yourself and express your ideas and thoughts how you feel is best.

The Rules

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

5 Facts about ME

  1. I am an open minded person. My motto in life is “I’ll try anything once”. That being said I am also a procrastinator. Things will get done, on my time.
  2. I go through phases of being disorganized and utterly anal about organization never quite at a happy medium. I think this stems from the time I worked in a nursing home in housekeeping.
  3. I may be in my head too much, thinking and planning are hobbies of mine. I am a true introvert. “The quietest people have the loudest minds.” Time by myself = recharging my energy. Music helps me get out of my head and I often think of it as one of my closest friends.
  4. Amiable is one of my favorite words, a quality my friends often use to describe me. Also Austen uses it 36 times in P&P, probably where I picked up the word. For fun I like to read the dictionary and find word origins. Nerd alert!
  5. I work hard to stay emotionally stable. One trick I picked up was limiting my stress and worry time. I give myself only five minutes to worry or stress about a problem then I force myself to move on and when I try to worry about it again I remind myself that I already devoted time to it. Even though I don’t have my shit together I have been told I give great advice and problem solve like a boss.

That’s probably more than you wanted to know. I look forward to learning about my nominees (it says to nominate 15-20 blogs but I do what I want).


For my nominees, participate or not it’s up to you. Just pass on the love somehow.

Every time you update another blogger gets their wings inspiration from you. Keep posting, you creative cats! Thank you to Amanda and Erika and my nominees for spreading creativity.

ABC’s to a CBA


…or as I like to refer to it, the Elixir of Life.

Today’s writing prompt is right up my alley. I am in love with coffee and if I were able, I would marry it. It’s serious. We’ve been in a steady relationship since I became an adult. Our honeymoon phase of the relationship was very intense (during my college years) and we’ve grown into a comfortable, dependable couple. But enough about us, on to business.


Like babies, coffee has a distinct smell. If you haven’t smelled either of those in your life yet, I cry for you dear friend, because you’re missing out. I had the opportunity to spend a year in coffee land, Colombia. I lived near the “golden triangle” area in which land, weather, and other factors are prime for the growth of the plant. It was a magical time in my life and I miss the beauty of the country.

Me drinking a cup of coffee in front of future coffee in the background.

The smell of coffee is hard to put into words. When I walk into the coffee shop it is like hitting a wall when I encounter the smell. It is a pungent aroma full of earthy scents that fills a room. The scent calms me immensely, but that could be my brain knowing that caffeine is coming soon so it lets up. Freshly brewed coffee is a scent I wish could be bottled and sold because it is heavenly. My morning is not complete without that first cup. Coffee’s aroma is wonderful but the taste is perfection.


So this prompt was more difficult to articulate than I originally thought. I’m off to do some reading, another inspiration trick.



One Truth


Hindsight is 20/20.

Looking at my life so far I realize that things happen for a reason. Would I go back and change certain things? Of course. Did I realize after certain events the correct or right way to handle those events? Almost always. But that’s just it, hindsight is 20/20. When you look back in the past the mistakes you made will always seem obvious mistakes. (Time for more clichés) it’s not usually ever about doing something right the first time, it’s what you learn from your mistakes. Mistakes make you a stronger individual.

I try to think of my life like a road trip–there is the starting point (my birth) and the final destination (my death). Then there is everything in between those two points on my map of life. The lessons I learn along the way make traveling further down the road a bit easier. I have certain stops along the way that are designated stops I have to make.

My goal was to write a bit more tonight but my word counter at the bottom has me feeling disappointed. I must try to not dwell on the actual number but come to realize that each consecutive day I return to the blog is another day that I’m developing my routine of writing. It doesn’t truly matter the number of words you write, but that you continue to write even when left feeling uninspired. Tonight I struggled writing about my life because writing about myself makes me uncomfortable. I’m much more capable of helping others be introspective and draw out their thoughts. Turning that focus onto myself has proven much more of a challenge, but something I’m continuing to work to improve about myself.

Does anyone else have similar problems? Does writing about yourself come natural?

One Truth



Nachos, for the last five years, have been an important food group in my life.


The nachos above are from a hometown restaurant that my friends and I will travel unlimited miles in order to partake in their food. It’s delicious. If you’re ever in central Missouri, near Warsaw, go to Taco Villa–you won’t regret it.

I’m not a good cook even though I let my imagination run wild it doesn’t translate into the kitchen. I’m way too impatient and end up burning or overcooking most of my food. Nachos and Mexican food, in general, are my saving grace. Any time I’m hungry there is a 75% chance that I’m eating Mexican food. I’m a vegetarian so Mexican food is also an easy option for me to eliminate the meat and replace with veggies or beans.

So for my five ingredients for the perfect meal I would choose: tortilla chips, cheese, black beans, spices, and diced fajita veggie mix (tomatoes, onions, peppers). The best thing about nachos is that you can have a different combination each time thus providing you with a “different” meal.

I have many fond memories that have been shared over a plate of nachos. My most prominent memories involve Busy and our nightly nacho parties. She was in graduate school and I was working the third shift, so we both were having our main meal around midnight. We each would bring 2-3 ingredients and combine them all. After a stint in the oven the meal was ready to consume. I’ve recently come across an apple nacho recipe that I’ll be trying soon. What better way to end dinner nachos than with dessert nachos?




I really doing this, Jackson thought as he chucked off his shoes placing them in a bucket as his other few possessions he grabbed this morning were rolling through the security x-ray machine. He made the split decision last night that he would finally go to Costa Rica like he planned so many months ago–so he packed a backpack with a few clothes and essentials, got online to purchase his ticket before he could change his mind, then went to bed early to catch is flight this morning. He had one week off from school and already wasted two days going to that damn campus to see her. “How stupid can you be, Jackson?” he muttered to himself as he fell into a chair near his gate. There I go again thinking about her, dear God will it ever end, he mused as he dug out his cell phone from one of his pockets on his backpack. He typed up a quick text to his twin brother, Morgan, to let someone know where he was–just in case.

Hey, just wanted to let you know it didn’t pan out in NY, so I’m taking that trip I’ve always been talking about. Meeting Luis and Judy when I land and staying at the center for the week. I’ll email you more det’s when I land. Please don’t tell Mom, she’ll just worry.

You know I was pulling for you, tough break man. Of course I won’t tell Mom. Do you think I’m crazy? She’ll hound me for more info until you got back. Stay safe. And stop texting me before the sun’s even up yet.

Jackson knew he could count on Morgan, not only because they were twins but his brother was his biggest supporter, always agreeing with his grand ideas or joining him on spontaneous adventures.

A scene from Jackson’s past that I may or may not use in my “untitled project” piece. I have him going to CR because I’ve always wanted to go and explore the rainforest there, visit the sloth sanctuary with my best friend, and lounge on the beaches. It seems like the best location to just go lose yourself by staying busy with exploration. Jackson will discover the joys of coffee farming while there and come back to school with a new mission. He’s always wanted to be his own boss, and was taking business classes in school but didn’t really have a purpose until after his trip to CR. His focus has previously been on waiting around for a certain girl to notice him. He’ll return a new person with a new outlook on life and motivated to make his dreams a reality (his career related dreams). Someone might notice this change in him when she’s back in town visiting in a few years.

Questions and comments welcome. I’ve mainly just geared this post as a bookmark to keep random thoughts about the project I’m working on this fall. 


The Gift


I find it superficial to admit that my best gift was my Kindle Fire I received last year for my birthday. I am usually not one to worship technology or upgrade to the newest edition of phones, but I fell victim to the bells and whistles the Kindle offered. I was very weary of giving ebooks a real go. It won’t be the same as a real book, I thought. I also felt like I was cheating on real books when I read my first ebook. It only took a week for the aversion to dissipate and I was hooked.

Don’t get me wrong, I still read those real books filled with their magic smell, but ebooks have their perks. It didn’t really hit me until Christmas (a few short months after my birthday) when I was packing an overnight bag for visiting family over the holiday that my Kindle was the only “book” I should pack. I did bring a spare hardcover (I always have one with me) but my normal 3-5 books for the week of Christmas was overkill for this trip. I had so much room in my bag for extra stuff; it’s amazing how much room books can take up. After that trip I’ve been singing ereaders praises and checking out ebooks online each week. I don’t think my sister realized when she bought my gift how often I would use it (DAILY!) and what a perfect gift she found for me.

My name is Tiffany and I’m a reader.

The Gift