Food and Drink


If you could only live off of one food and one beverage for the rest of your days, what would they be?


This is an easy question to answer. My one food choice would be nachos. I love nachos because you can eat them every day and still have a different combination each time, giving you the sense of a different meal. My favorite combination is the one above from a local favorite restaurant in my hometown. Sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, black olives, tomatoes, rice, beans, and chips layered together to make the perfect meal. It is a small bite of heaven on every fork full.

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tceMy beverage choice is a no-brainer. I cannot live without my daily coffee intake. My drink that I would have every day for the rest of my life would be a soy latte. The perfect balance between espresso and milk make my drink a smooth, creamy, delicious treat that I would love to enjoy daily.

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What would your food and drink choices be?

Food and Drink