The District

This is a belated post but I’m finally getting around to finishing up trip stuff. I finally have reliable internet again and working on a laptop instead of a tiny little tablet (makes it easier to post updates).

Washington D.C.

I currently live close to here but this is only the second time I’ve visited this city. You could spend a week here and still not see everything. We arrived in the a.m. and were excited to get off the Crescent train. Busy’s friend from high school picks us up at Union Station. We store our bags in her trunk and set off to explore a bit of the city.

Eleven of the 19 Smithsonian museums are located in the National Mall. Take advantage of the close proximity and FREE admission! We only have a few hours in DC, so we manage one museum and then a bit of Capitol Hill before heading up to Chinatown for lunch.

This whole trip I’ve wanted to eat at food trucks. I finally get to experience the food truck grub in DC. Most had veggie options and one truck was strictly vegan. After lunch we are getting tired, a combo of end of the trip and sun, so we drive by the rest of the National Mall that we didn’t see on foot. We cruise by the White House, the Washington Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. We also cross over to Virginia a bit and see a bit of the exterior of Arlington. We head out of town but make a stop at Gallaudet University before heading to our overnight stay in Maryland. The next morning was an early one, so it was nice to have dinner in and a home cooked meal. Our next stop is Boston.

The District