Flying these days.

Tuesdays are notorious for being a good day to travel. Not my luck the first Tuesday after a holiday. Baltimore is a busy airport so I should have been prepared for the long lines. Always save yourself time by checking in online the day before your flight. And print (or bookmark on your phone) those boarding passes.

So now you can skip the check in full service line and just drop your checked bags at an express kiosk. This usually saves me time. Today the line was long. I waited forty five minutesĀ  to drop off my bags. Then came the security line. Luckily I was selected to enter the tsa pre-check line.

If you fly often this feature is worth the time and money. I kept my shoes on, left all electronic devices in my bag, and didn’t remove my liquids. A quick step through a metal detector and then you are on your way–easy, breezy.

Time was a bit of a crunch. I made it to my gate with ten minutes to spare before boarding. Next time I’ll arrive at least the two hours (if not more) suggested before my flight to give myself more time. Even though it was a rocky start, all the workers I encountered were very friendly. Flying will always be my favorite way to travel, turbulence and all.

Any flying tips or horror stories?

Flying these days.