Needs and Wants

Three Things You Need

If I were to talk about what I need right now, currently I would list off things like chocolate, tiramisu, or cheesecake. I have a terrible sweet tooth especially after meals I like to leave my palate with something sweet. But if I put some thought into the question there is not anything that I need right now. Things I want, of course, are easy to list but things I need are harder to identify. One need that just popped up was a local friend. I spend a lot of time working part time or working at home. I do not really have any friends in this area and have not made the effort to go make any, but it would be nice to blow off steam with someone when I have free time.

For a person like me it is hard to put myself out there when trying to make new friends. It does not feel natural to talk to people I do not know or to talk about myself. When thinking back on the friendships I have made I cannot pinpoint the actions or details of how they were forged. My friendships seem to have just happened, as if by magic.

I have been told to join a club, for example, to meet people with similar interests and build friendships there. This is good advice if you commit to it, repetition is key. We no longer live in the time that just asking someone if they want to be your friend will suffice. Elementary school was so easy. Now if you want a friend you have to sell yourself (talking up your good qualities), become interested in others and work to maintain the links you have made.

I think I would rather just get a fish.

Other things I “need” would be new books. It has been ages since I went to the bookstore. I used to go once or twice a week, now it is just once a month if I am lucky. The best part about going to the bookstore is how calming it is to just peruse the shelves for your next grand adventure. Books are the best.

The last thing I will mention on my needs list is an espresso machine. I would save so much money by making my lattes at home. I love the ambiance a coffee shop gives off and the coffee tastes so much better when you do not make it yourself (weird, I know). An espresso machine at home would be lacking the environment I pay extra for but it would be so much more convenient.

A girl can dream.

Needs and Wants