ICollage 2015-05-30 17_56_53t is crazy to think about things you wrote down years ago. I dug out one of my journals (still a WIP to fill) and snapped some shots of a few pages. The stories were funny to read now but I started looking at my handwriting.

The biggest difference is when you compare the present with 15 years ago. Back then I was in the habit of writing daily and it was just the dawn of the computer age. As time goes on my writing (in my opinion) is lacking. I may need to get back in the practice of writing in an actual journal again to improve my penmanship.

These excerpts are examples of when I was not trying to write legible, just freely.

Have you noticed a change in your handwriting over the years? Is the computer/texting ruining us all?

Atypical Day

What made today unusual?

I have a thing for numbers making today put a smile on my face. When looking at the month and day only, 01/23, an order is in place. My day was very much in order. I got things done, the day went quickly, and at the end of the day I made it through.
Today is National Handwriting Day and I’ve yet to put pen to paper which is not that uncommon in this technological age. I’ll leave this post with this so that I can go celebrate Handwriting Day.

Today is a most unusual day,

because we have never lived it before;

we will never live it again;

it is the only day we have.

–William Arthur Ward

Atypical Day